The Facebook Marketing Engagement Course | Social Media Marketing

On October 10th 2018, I purchased an engagement course from someone that I had met on Facebook that was making daily sales and doing a great job of attracting tons of leads just by using his Facebook account without paid ads. I did not realize the gold mine that I had walked into buy purchasing, and applying all that is taught within.

In less than one month, my engagement increased over 500% leading to countless leads and over $2000.00 in commissions (all results do vary, however when the course is followed properly – this is not uncommon.)

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My favorite aspect of the Facebook Engagement Course is that it teaches how to properly set up, maintain and really interact with people on Facebook. Yes, ultimately we want to increase leads and make daily sales, however people need to like you and trust you before you can do business together and this course teaches that perfectly! Not to mention, we have an entire community of people that work together to help boost one another so that everyone wins! That is another thing that just really sold me on the course!

Let me back up and let you know about some courses I purchased in the past. I had spent hundreds, even thousands on social engagement courses and each one of them always seemed to leave something out; usually for up-sell purposes… but not this course. And it’s not even $100!

The beautiful thing is that, I had my return on investment with this Facebook engagement course in less than 3 weeks, actually right after my second week putting it into action. I haven’t looked back since.

I totally recommend you check it out for yourself, and reach out to me on Facebook to ask me any questions regarding the course or anything else I work with.

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Til Next Time,

John Wiser

Don’t Get Distracted

There will be many “Shiny Objects” that will show up in the corner of your eye as you keep your eyes on your prize; your goal. These objects come in the form of flashy opportunities that will only take your further down a rabbit hole. Keeping your sights set on your goals will be your greatest asset as you navigate through the ever-winding road to success.

Everyone has the “best” deal and the grass is always greener (until you have to mow it.)

There’s nothing worse than someone believing they have multiple streams of income when they just keep adding multiple streams of “outgo.” The “shiny object” effect has taken many a potential successful marketer down a road of headache and despair. Don’t be that “guy.”

Some days will not be as awesome as the others, and shiny objects seem to bling much brighter on those days. Resist it, see your prize at the end, and go get it. It’s not worth it, if it distracts you from the ONE thing that works for you. Stick with it, push through the tougher days and you will be rewarded.

I believe in you!

John Wiser

Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late | Say It Now

I was just sitting here writing a post about mindset and marketing, when a text message from my Dad came through. It wasn’t anything special, it was about football and a record from 20 years ago. Nothing to spark emotions or anything. It was then, that I was inspired to write what I really needed to write and that was a message to my father letting him know that he is appreciated and that he means the world to me. Yeah, we all get caught up in our stuff, but those relationships are the real treasure that we have and need not hunt.

Don’t Wait – Just Say It

I don’t know what it is inside of us that makes us shy away from speaking from our heart, but we all are guilty. Maybe it’s some defense mechanism buried deep in our DNA that is triggered when we are about to put our feelings in someone else’s sandbox… who knows. I have found lately, though, that holding those things back… not good for anyone. Just say it! Regret sucks and you don’t want to take that with you. We aren’t promised tomorrow, so just lay it out there.

If you mean it, say it. Don’t worry about what the other person will say or do. Chances are, they will feel you and love it. People NEED to hear it, they need to feel what you are feeling in a relationship. Families are built on love and emotion. They aren’t always good emotion, but we should take to time to express the love so that the everyone knows that, even though there may have been some things said that weren’t meant, the love is unconditional.

Don’t wait until there is no time left to say it, say it to them now.

If You Love Them, Tell Them

Love is a crazy thing. Love is blind, love is unconditional, love sees beyond faults and love is eternal. The power of love can give moms the strength to move vehicles off of their children. The power of love can make a grown man weep beyond control and make a person physically sick when love is lost.

So, look… if you love them – TELL THEM! It’s nice to hear. It feels good. You might just hear it back.

Waste No More Time

Stop holding it in, tell that person or people how you feel. Let them know they are appreciated. If they hurt you, let them know so the healing can begin. Don’t regret holding it in when it’s all over and you realize that the pride was foolish.

Tomorrow is never promised. Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can easily do today.

Til Next Time,
John Wiser

Recharge Your Batteries | Rest Your Mind

Our minds are our greatest assets. Firing on all cylinders, several hours per day can be taxing on any engine. The mind requires refueling, recharging and rest. Taking the time to relax the mind is vital to our mission, no matter what that is.

Take a few hours and just walk, breathe and give thanks for all that surrounds you. Receive all of the blessings that are flowing to you. Stop trying to think about how you can fix every little problem and enjoy the pure miracle that you are walking on a sphere floating in the vacuum of space at a speed that is inconceivable to our comprehension.

Be grateful that you are here, because you are… you have a purpose. It is revealed right when we stop looking for it. Chances are – it is right in front of your nose.

Recharge your will power, be lazy for a few hours and just rest every cell in your body… for when you awaken, you will find the key to the issues that you are facing right now.

Nothing is moving away from you, there is no need to catch up. You are not missing out on anything, it will all be there for you when the timing is right. You must be READY for your breakthrough… you must be fully charged to handle the influx of energy that comes with it!

No excuses, just take the rest and allow yourself to be renewed. The greatest things in your life are yet to come, best be awake and alert to enjoy them!

Til Next Time,

John Wiser

Get Out of Your Own Way

I say this on a daily basis [Get Out of Your Own Way], and it may be lost in translation. So I decided to write a piece on it and explain it in detail so there is nothing left to be figured out.

Recognizing the Roadblocks

The roadblocks are in our head in the form of our negative thoughts. We may not want to recognize them as negative, but if they are keeping you from vital tasks in your improvement; they ARE negative thoughts.

The easiest way I have learned to recognize negative thoughts is by the feeling that accompanies the thought. I feel disoriented and sometimes sick to my stomach. I feel as though I am sitting in a cold room with a black and white television only playing infomercials about some awful car wax. (Well, maybe not that bad, but you get it.)

Feelings are the best indicator that our thoughts are not lining up with our desires. So when you feel funky, time to change the “mind diaper” because it’s full of stinkin’ thinkin’.

Allowing and Believing

Allowing and Believing is probably one of the hardest things for us to do. We think that we have to constantly be doing something to achieve results. In reality, all that we need to do has already been done. Now we believe, and receive [or allow].

The most important step to getting out of our own way is to believe in faith that what we are doing is valuable to us and those around us. Think about how many opportunities you passed up because you were afraid you couldn’t do or that someone may think you are crazy for trying it. Okay, focus back on this. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t buy Bitcoin when it was fifty cents per coin. Understand that opportunities are presenting themselves before you every day, you just have to get the heck out of your own way to receive them.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Another thing that hurts us when moving forward into success is trying to complicate simple processes because we believe that being “busy” is being productive. Nope. Not true. Keeping it simple is trusting the process and marvel in it’s basic splendor. Complicated procedures should be left to brain and heart surgeons. They are highly skilled in these procedures and have been through hundreds of hours of education and trials to be qualified to do so. The processes we are normally presented with are not meant to make us work too hard; we just choose to.

To give an example, I offer a Facebook Engagement Course to help internet marketers increase their leads and sales without spending money on ads. It’s probably the most simple solution I have ever seen and it has earned me over $1200 in 12 days with very minimal effort. Why? Because I followed the steps. I didn’t add nor take away from the steps. It’s really that simple.

This is the Change You Need

Perhaps things just haven’t went the way you intended. Well, step back and take away the clutter, the overthinking and let it all go. One thing I learned in audio engineering is to really get the most dynamics out of song is not to turn everything up, it’s to take away some things and all the BEST parts to really shine!

Reach out to me on Facebook and I will be happy to help you with this at any time!

I will leave you with this:

If it’s not working, STOP. Seek guidance from someone who has and does what you want, ask them and duplicate. It’s really that simple.

Til Next Time.
John Wiser



Step Out of Fear and Into Faith

I heard someone tell me this about 12 or so years ago… Step out of fear and into faith. In fact, I believe it was a series that my pastor shared at the church that I attended for some time. It made some sense at the time, but some years later as I have learned to free my mind from restraints and move into my purpose; it is my lifestyle!

Fear has held so many of us back from being our true selves as if it were a concrete wall built over us as we sleep. If you have ever lived in fear, it doesn’t feel much different than being trapped inside of a small space with very little room to breathe.

How Fear Holds Us Back

Before we talk about how we should step into faith, we need to understand what is holding us back and how we allowed it to do so. In many cases, we tried something that excited us without much skill and we were rejected, hurt, made fun of, or told by someone that we trust that it was just out of reach for us and we should just stay in our lane – The Comfort Zone. Think about it, as toddlers, all we heard was “NO”, “Don’t touch that!” We were molded into our little safe zone by parents, peers, relatives, and in most cases; those that gave up on their dreams because of fear… ultimately leading to the endless cycle.

Fear holds us back when we believe the lies that we tell ourselves. For instance, we tell ourselves, “I can’t start a business, I am too old.” of “I can’t learn to play the piano, it’s too hard.” Fear that we may fail is such a lie. We fail when we don’t take the first step. We fail when we talk ourselves out of learning a new skill that can develop us into something amazing!

Fear will keep you from asking the person of your dreams on a date or from pursuing your dream to become an actor. No matter what, when you allow it, fear will lie to you and keep you in a very boring and dark place.

How Do We Step Into Faith?

Stepping out in faith can be quite the breathtaking event! Actually it is a series of events that we must incrementally complete in order to truly live a free life. Many people believe that faith is praying in a really odd manner and just believing that God will make it all better because you prayed in King James English. Faith is simply believing something is true that you can’t feel, see, taste or touch. Faith is believing in yourself and your abilities that you know that each action taken towards your desires is creating one more component to manifest the life that you truly want… and deserve!

We step into faith daily. Doubt and fear do not just leave, they do their best to creep back into our heads and ruin our faith. So, when I say it is a series of events, it is a daily battle that we must win through creating positive daily habits, such as:

  • Meditation / Prayer
  • Exercising
  • Reading or listening to positive books and publications
  • Interacting with others who share the same mindset and similar desires
  • Writing your journey in a blog or journal
  • Speaking only positive words over your own life
  • Encouraging others
  • Being genuinely happy when others succeed

These can be formed into a daily routine without taking much of your time to complete. Most of these things on this list can be completed before you even leave the bedroom to start your day, in fact I encourage meditation first thing!

The myth that 21 days is all you need to form a habit is only partially true. Studies have proven that 66 days is the sweet spot, so stick it out. You have nothing to lose only your faith and sanity to gain!

If you ever want some positive reinforcement, contact me on Facebook and I will be more than happy to share some positive words and vibes with you.

You Have What it Takes

You, yes you have what it takes to accomplish whatever it is that your passion moves you toward. Don’t give up, stay faithful and believe that you already have it! Spend time living in how you will feel when you are where you want to be. This one may sound crazy, but it actually works. I won’t go into the law of attraction or the law of vibration, but just give it a try.

Say you want to live on the beach. Close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Hear the waves crashing, the wind breezing. Smell the briny water as it mists across your face. Feel your feet in the sand just where the tide breaks as the sand breaks down and your sink deeper into your ideal home. Keep yourself here for 15 minutes and allow yourself to see it, smell it, taste it and touch it. Do this daily and see just how quickly you are where you want to be.

It is your life, stop being afraid to go get what you want and KNOW that you deserve it and go get it! I believe in you.

I will leave you with this:

The greatest stories are told of those who defied the odds and made their dreams their reality!

A Simple and Unique Way to Raise the Funds You Need Quickly | Must Watch

A Simple and Unique Way to Raise the Funds You Need Quickly

This webinar we were all blessed to share a unique and simple way to raise funds for whatever it is we need including:

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John Wiser

Taking the First Step

Taking the First Step

Most of the time, the first step is the hardest to take for some reason or another. It can be that we don’t trust our muscles to support us (in the physical), or that it’s just so dark that we can’t see where we are walking.  Fear usually keeps us sitting and settling into a comfort zone because there is no pain… or is it?

I remember the first step I took back into my chosen industry of online networking. Even though I had not had much success in the past, I said… eh, why not! The step was scary, and I did step down further than I had anticipated, but it actually turned out that the first step led me to a path where I found my footing and have been walking along just fine!

My son is probably one of the most cautious people I have ever witnessed. He prefers to tap the ground, so to speak, before he plants his foot in anything he does. He calculates the risk/reward before getting into something. I can’t say that is a bad thing, I do that on certain things… and others, I just jump on in. But seeing him in his methods of testing gives me an insight to the many personality types there are and what makes them who they are.

Does the First Step Start a Walk…

Or does it make you feel like you are stuck on an island surrounded by molten hot lava? I have met some that take the first step and then … Oh My God?!!! Why did I take that step?!? We all know them. They have what we could call, buyer’s remorse. Even though they may not have spent a dime on anything, they become totally frightened with the possibility of failure that they are afraid to even consider taking another step.

I really don’t know which is worse; not taking a step at all, or actually taking the first step and not moving any further. The only thing standing in our way of a strong, lively gate is inside of our own minds. Scenarios of outcomes so ridiculous that we actually believe they are true will keep us in the place where we are, even though we are unhappy. It’s a shame that there are so many that would rather complain about how miserable they are rather than do something about it.

Whether we take the leap of faith or the baby step of hope, we have to get those legs moving or we will never realize our true potential.


Staying Focused

Staying Focused

On my Facebook page, I spend about an hour a day reading other people’s posts and leaving them comments of encouragement or just engaging on one thing or another.

I am friends with many online marketers and I see many of the same posts. Most of them have a common them, “Stay Focused.” The best part is that when I speak to the most people posting this message… they are spread around among so many different programs, there’s no way in the world they could even know what focus is!

Now, perhaps their definition is different than mine on focus. I see it [focus] as becoming highly skilled at one thing through repetition. For instance, I spend most of my time improving and specializing on social media engagement to boost lead generation and sales. Although I am involved in a online business program, I do not spend my time plastering ads all over the internet. People don’t join businesses, they join other people. What better way to add partners, than to add value to yourself by creating a positive brand?

My main focus is the struggling marketer, because at one time… I was the struggling marketer. I spent so much time trying things that didn’t work and continuing to do the same things over and over with no success. If I am not mistaken, that is the definition of insanity… right?

My Focus is on Helping Others

I guess you would say that my main focus is helping others. I know that many people have quoted Zig Ziglar saying that,

“If you help enough people get what they want, you will have everything that you want.”

I heard that for years, and just simply used it to attract people to ask me what I did. I never really understood it until I decided to shift my focus onto the success of other people.

Of course, you can only truly help those who have a strong desire to change. Not everyone is going to take the teaching/training and use it. There will be excuses, fear, and self-inflicted frustration. It’s truly amazing how you can lay out a step by step formula that works for so many, and there will always be those that simply refuse to follow the steps! Reinventing the wheel has never been a successful venture in thousands of years, neither will be deviating from success blueprints.

I guess, if you really think about it, focus is a skill. It must be developed through repetition and like learning to walk; you will fall down several times before you are good at it.

I will leave you with this:

Your eyes are on the front of your head for a very specific reason. It doesn’t matter what is going on beside you or behind you.

Maybe You Didn’t Get What You Wanted for a Reason

Maybe You Didn’t Get What You Wanted for a Reason

I used to look at statements like that and shake my head. As I reflect on my life, I see there were many things that I “thought” I wanted that I didn’t get… and THANK GOD I didn’t! No need to go into specifics, I try to keep these posts down to 1000 words or less! HA!!

Anyway, so maybe you didn’t get that job, marry that person, buy that car or move into that house because it was not matched to your true desires. In my experience, if it feels forced… run. If you feel as though you have had to work way to hard to make something work and you have to put yourself in a bind in order to get it, that is a sign that you should not put yourself in that situation.

As usual, I will give you one of my experiences… a more recent one this time.

About 5 months ago, I had a notion to trade in my Pathfinder. You know, the one I spoke about a couple of days ago in “Be Thankful – At All Times?” Well, yeah, I wanted one with all the bells and whistles. Cooled and heated seats, leather, video screens… you know, a dope ride!? HA! Well, I get to the dealership and drive the car and get ready for the numbers and I was insulted with the trade in amount and it was not a very pleasant experience.

I let my pride get in the way of my vision, so I started trying to figure out a way to make it work. I was trying to get payments stretched out, get discounts, find ways to get more on the trade, and anything I could think of. After it was all said and done, it came out to stretching a payment out over 7 years and actually going up. I came about two breaths from doing it, but found that it was not a great idea. [ with the help of my amazing wife, that is! ] I was hurt a little, more my ego than anything. I mean, I earn BLAH BLAH and my credit is BLAH BLAH, why can’t I have a new car? I was really upset for a day or so.

After about a week, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t NEED anything new, and it was purely a WANT. My wife was right, as she normally is! I did, however, spark something inside of myself to begin a journey that would allow me to never have to be at the mercy of my own debt, credit score, or payments set up by someone at a dealership. I had a few business ideas that did not quite take off, but once I finally shut off my mind and let things come to me, they came in abundance! I’m not talking just about money, I’m talking about mindset, relationships, just plain waking up and realizing I had EVERYTHING I need right in front of me! What a revelation!!

So, it really was a blessing that I didn’t get what I had wanted because I would have only put myself and my family in a bind, made my attitude even worse trying to figure out how to not mess up funds just so I could have a car that wouldn’t be new to me for very long and… well you know how it goes. Things we don’t need paid for by money we don’t have…

Again, if it feels forced; don’t do it.

Take away everything that you don’t really need and focus on all that you do, and your life will begin to take on a whole new purpose. Love those around you that need you. Receive the love from those who love you. Enjoy the small, priceless things that money can’t buy and everything your HEART truly desires… will find it’s way into your life.

I will leave you with this:

Most times, the source of the manifestation of your desires is unknown to you when you first made your desire known in your heart.